Thursday, December 13, 2012


Bismillahirrahmnirrahim ,
his the merciful and almighty.

alhamdulillah still have the chance to feel the hot because of the sun , still have the oxygen to breath . and its all come from our creator , ALLAH subhanahu wataala :)
*never forget to say alhamdulillah my dear muslims and muslimat :)

alhamdulillah , today is 12.12.12 , what a nice date . many people esp the couple want to get married on that date . *banyaknya kenduri nak kena attend* but this date is much much muchh better than that which is , 

1.2.34 HIJRAH .

subhanaallah , and tomorrow is JUMAAT , penghulu segala hari , hari di mana berlakunya kiamat *

yes , what a beutiful date , yet ISLAM IS BEAUTIFUL . 

alhamdulillah to be born as muslims , never take it for granted or you will regret. 

p/s ; terperasan pasal status kawan fb about that date , kalau tak tak penah tahu . TERmalu denga sndiri sbb jarang sekalii sekali utk tgk calander islam , kalendar hijrah ;(

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